Allied Gypsum – TCF West Winnipeg

Accucrete Gypsum Underlayments

Allied Gypsum makes a wide range of gypsum-based levellers that can meet several price points and performance characteristics needed for Winnipeg businesses.

What is unique about Accucrete?

  • We can achieve similar strengths to cement-based levellers, typically 4500 PSI, but with achieving competitive pricing points to other ‘gypsum’ underlayments and agilia concrete.
  • The products are self sealing, allowing for trade traffic within 2-3 hours of placement.
  • The products more self-drying than competitor products in the marketplace, using all bath moisture for strength, and thus allowing flooring in as little as 2 days, depending on pour depth.

Whats unique about TCF West approach?

We bring the experience of achieving ‘superflat floors’ through achieving the highest industry accreditations to a more ‘volume’ orientated service.  We have one of the industries largest capacity pumps in Winnipeg, that has been designed for extreme pumping distances and output.