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by | Sep 16, 2018 | Concrete Repair, Epoxy

Heavy manufacturing relies on sound substrates, typically concrete, to remain intact so equipment can move freely.  This prevents work in progress getting damaged ; as well, as material handling equipment staying in tip top operating parameters.

The first major problem that can we run into is spalling due to water migration, which impacts the integrity of your floor. Commercial concrete is often reinforced by steel; while the industry has tried to create water-resistant steel, water and salt will slowly rust the reinforcements. Rusted steel is weakened, and its volume expands to up to 5 times its normal size. The expanded steel displaces the concrete, causing it to flake and break apart; this process is known as spalling. One surefire sign of spalling is if you see rust-colouration on your concrete. Once spalling begins, it becomes easier for liquid to enter into cracks in the concrete, which increases the rate at which the steel rusts. As you can imagine, this creates a vicious loop of more spalling; the integrity of your flooring thus damaged, falling debris and cracks can cause injuries and liability suits. You should coat both the flooring and the walls with waterproof and salt-resistant material in order to mitigate potential spalling damage.

Another related problem is the creation of corrosive liquid when water is mixed with concrete. Concrete is made with lime; as water flows through concrete cracks, it begins to dissolve the lime and carry it down the path of least resistance. Limewater is corrosive to many metals, and a constant drip of limewater can damage your concrete as well as other surfaces. The removal of the lime from the concrete also weakens its structural integrity, which is again both unsightly and dangerous. The high pH of limewater also makes it caustic, and chronic exposure may cause health problems.

Broken and cracked concrete is problematic not only for the potential injury it can cause to employees and customers but to the overall aesthetics of your business. Imagine walking into a warehouse and seeing that their flooring is broken up, or to find that an office building is full of cracks; you’d be far less invested in becoming a client of that business.

Any business that expects water on its floors should have waterproofing done to avoid these problems; even if your floor is in good repair, contact a flooring company to see what coatings they have available to waterproof your floors. You may have already seen spalling damage from water; should this be the case, contact a company with a warranty in concrete repair in Winnipeg. TCF West is a specialist using structural repair mortars for concrete repair. A warrantied company will repair the flooring and apply a waterproof coating, so if you see further water damage you know the work is insured.


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