Get to Know TCF West

Founded in 1989

TCF West has grown into one of Canada’s most respected flooring contractor and surface prep companies.  In 2013, the company opened it’s first independent western office in Winnipeg, started by Toronto Concrete Floors and Michael Rosenblat.  Michael purchased the western office outright in 2015, and continues to bring the innovative and creative solutions that the company has become known for.

What Sets Us Apart

TCF West is one of the few surface preparation companies in Canada that installs Ardex’s products with a “Level Master Elite” warranty, a 10 year extended warranty.  This certification has been earned by  achieving some significant benchmarks in the industry. Firstly, installing and pouring a significant amount of self leveller to exacting specifications.  Secondly, installing extremely technical specifications (f-min 80 floors) that very few North American companies have achieved.

We pride ourselves in having the tools, experience and suppliers that can provide solutions to flatwork/concrete problems that others simply cannot.

Michael Rosenblat

The founder of TCF West

I found myself compelled by a desire to redefine industrial flooring, to push the boundaries of what was deemed possible, and to bring artistry into a space often seen as purely functional. This led me to establish TCF West, channeling my two-decade experience into crafting not just floors, but masterpieces that blend aesthetics, durability, and technical precision. Partnering with industry leaders, I am continually striving to innovate and deliver unparalleled solutions, cementing our reputation as a leading force in the Canadian industrial flooring landscape.


Over 20 Years Experience

Michael has over 20 years experience in the concrete construction marketplace.  He founded Voidform International in 1996 and subsequently created 8 patentable products for the North American marketplace. In 2008 Voidform International was sold to Sonoco Corporation and Michael continued his journey in Toronto where he eventually became involved with Toronto Concrete Floors. Most days , you will find Michael on-site, either troweling, broadcasting or grinding many of the company’s unique materials; ensuring his and the companies exacting standards are met.

From Polished Concrete to Epoxy Flooring, the rest is history!