TCF West Utilizing Extensive Project Management Skills To Ensure Four Large Remote Projects Meet Their Respective Deadlines

by | Apr 26, 2022 | TCF West

Winnipeg, Canada – TCF West, one of Canada’s most respected and fastest-growing flooring companies, is delighted to announce today that their renowned project management skills are working at full capacity to ensure that all of their current projects are running on schedule. One of the challenges facing any rapidly growing company, and indeed the issue that can cause the most problems, is becoming overrun with projects. While this may seem like a good problem to have, it can be very easy to gain a bad reputation if deadlines are missed.  

TCF West is currently working on four separate Northern Schools, installing Epoxy flooring and Mechanical Waterproof flooring. Access to these remote schools can provide significant challenges, with Ice Roads and fly-in access being some of the problems faced by the company. However, despite all of these challenges, thanks to excellent planning, preparation, and execution, all four of these very large projects are either on or ahead of schedule. It is this level of attention to detail and planning expertise that has ensured that TCF West has continued to grow and flourish in what is an ultra-competitive area. 

“Many people who are not in the industry fail to understand the complexities of this type of project,” said Michael Rosenblat. “Our team has to coordinate the delivery of supplies, material, and equipment while working in conjunction with the general contractor NDL. This is an extensive task, and I would personally like to thank our team behind the scenes, who work diligently and feverishly to pull everything together. Although everyone sees the finished flooring without the hard coordination work in the background, the company would not be growing as rapidly or successfully as it is, and if anything, we anticipate the growth of the company to keep accelerating. Great staff is the foundation upon which this company has been built, and our employees will always be valued and properly remunerated.” 

TCF West has grown into one of Canada’s most respected flooring contractors and surface prep companies. In 2013, the company opened its first independent western office in Winnipeg, started by Toronto Concrete Floors and Michael Rosenblat. Michael purchased the western office outright in 2015 and continues to bring the innovative and creative solutions for which the company has become known.


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