Self Levelling Underlayments – TCF West Toronto

TCF West Toronto is one of the largest installers of high performance self-levelling underlayments in Canada. Various flooring manufacturers continue to improve in their quality and performance promises but along with this comes stricter tolerances for substrate’s smoothness and levelness. Flooring warranty’s increasingly require concrete floors to meet an”1/8″ in 10′” standard, however, concrete placing typically requires the contractor to only meet “1/4″ in 10′”. This ‘gap’ is filled by our industry leading techniques, equipment and industry partners.

We are a proud partner of Ardex Americas; holding their ‘Level Master Elite’ certification. This standard allows us to install underlayments with a 100% satisfaction 10 year warranty. From MRI rooms extremely flat requirements to hospitals requiring hundreds of thousands of square feet levelled in a short time frame, TCF West Toronto continues to be the industry leader in concrete repair and customer satisfaction.

Self Leveling Underlayment’s and Toppings

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