Winnipeg Industrial Flooring Company Proud To Be Newly Licenced As A Silikal Installer

by | Feb 27, 2023 | TCF West


WINNIPEG, Manitoba:  With more than thirty years of experience in the industrial flooring industry, Winnipeg-based TCF West Inc. is pleased to announce that it has recently been certified as a Silikal flooring system installer for western Canada.  Silikal is a cutting-edge flooring solution for commercial and industrial locations, and very few flooring companies have what it takes to become officially Licenced Applicators.  


Since 2013, TCF West has been building its reputation as a trusted name in the world of industrial flooring and surface preparation.  Headquartered in Winnipeg but serving all of Canada, the company is known for its precision, reliability, and solution-oriented approach to creatively navigating non-standard flooring requirements and situations.  While much of TCF West’s work focuses on epoxy flooring, polished concrete flooring, leveling, terrazzo, traffic membranes, and concrete restoration. The company also offers surface preparation services, self-levelling underlayments, F-Min grinding, and moisture remediation and toppings.  


The most recent addition to TCF West’s menu of services is the installation of Silikal flooring.  Silikal is a German manufacturer that specializes in the production of flooring solutions for environments where hygiene is critical.  Its reactive, resin-based flooring systems are known for being durable, attractive, low maintenance, quick to install, affordable, safe, and hygienic.  Silikal flooring is popular in many commercial and industrial environments, from laboratories to research facilities, medical centres, food processing plants, restaurants, sports venues, convention centres, and more.  


Represented throughout Europe, Asia, North America, and South America, Silikal is highly discerning about the installation companies it works with.  “Our company was selected on the basis of its financial stability, operational expertise and long resume of technical installs,” explains Michael Rosenblat, the owner of TCF West.  “We have demonstrated time and again our capacity to overcome virtually any problem encountered in the field.”  


Licenced Silikal applicators, like TCF West, are supported by Silikal’s technical staff, who possess a wealth of international experience in case of any unforeseen challenges.  Overall, though, Rosenblat is confident that his company can efficiently install Silikal flooring no matter the scope or specifications of the project.  Silikal flooring comes in a wide variety of colours and styles and is quickly gaining popularity as a state-of-the-art solution for commercial and industrial environments.  


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