The Importance of Choosing the Right Flooring Solution for a Parkade

by | Jul 16, 2018 | Polished Concrete Floors

The revenue that comes from parking garages is projected to continue to grow over the coming years. It makes sense that companies would be more interested in building their own parkades. Selecting the proper type of flooring is important for every business, but it may be even more significant when planning for a parkade. In a major parking area, the flooring you choose can determine how easily and safely drivers can navigate. It is extremely important to make the right selection to prevent car accidents, damaged vehicles, and a beat-up building.

The question is, what type of flooring should you choose to make your parkade as safe and durable as possible? Before you can understand which flooring types are best suited for a parkade, you need to know what attributes matter and why. Here are a few of the traits you should look for in a new floor for a parking area.

Flooring Visibility

Most parkades lack the wall space to display all of the necessary signage. The next logical place to show drivers the direction, mark parking spaces and more is through the floor. The type of flooring you choose must be able to clearly show arrows, parking space lines, and other details. Look for a flooring type that will allow you to have crisp white arrows and bright blue lines for handicap stalls.

If you are concerned about visibility in a dark parkade, you may need flooring that will easily show brighter colors. These can notify drivers when they need to stop or yield to other drivers in the garage. Consider the natural color of the flooring you select and whether you will be able to use additional colors to highlight these important markings for better visibility.

Chemical and Slip Resistant

You never know what kind of fluid someone’s car may leak while they are in the parkade. It is best to be prepared by opting for a chemical resistant floor. Your flooring should be able to stand up to chemical spills and oil leaks with ease. Cleaning them up should be equally simple, requiring just soapy water.

Make sure that the floor is slip resistant when it’s wet to avoid major accidents while cleaning up chemical spills. This can also help to promote safer driving because cars will be less likely to skid or slide when braking. Slip resistance is great for both pedestrians and drivers, so it should definitely be a top feature to consider.


The grinding of tires and sharp stops that cars can sometimes make will take a serious toll on most flooring types. You need something that is going to be durable beneath the tires of the cars. Look for flooring that is ideal for industrial situations such as concrete or epoxy. These types of flooring can hold up under heavy machinery without peeling or cracking. It only makes sense to make good use of them in a parkade as well.

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