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What is epoxy flooring?

This high gloss treatment is created when epoxide resin is mixed with a polyamine hardener. The curing process creates a durable, chemically resistant product that is strong, and abrasion-resistant. Its strength and resilience is due to this chemical bond. Epoxy floor coatings are applied to existing floors like a concrete floor to extend it's lifespan, reduce slipping, make them durable, and improve appearance. Alternatively, it can be applied to new concrete floors to enable the floor to withstand chemical and physical stressors that typical concrete cannot.

How is epoxy floor installed?

First, your concrete floor is profiled to a concrete surface profile (CSP) between 3-6 (depending on the system). A moisture check is done to prevent any water vapour from interfering with the bonding process. Then, a primer is typically applied to ensure that the body coat has its best opportunity for a long lasting bond to the substrate. Primers, due to their viscosity, penetrate the surface and seal off the concrete pores, ensuring that a subsequent epoxy coating will not suffer from “off gassing” or bubbling in the epoxy coating. Lastly, several options for body coatings and top coatings are provided to match the requirements for the intended use of the floor. Several days are then needed to let the epoxy floor to reach full chemical cure. Afterward, you will have a high-gloss (or matte, depending on your preference), resilient floor that can stand up to the toughest of tests, from oil spills to heavy impacts.

Why choose Epoxy Floor Coatings?

Those looking for beautiful, functional, quality, and durable floors should consider this product; it’s both affordable and seamless, non-porous and stain-resistant. Epoxy floor coatings is a practical solution for commercial and industrial spaces, such as: commercial kitchens, showrooms, manufacturing plants, retail stores, warehouses, and high traffic areas. The smooth, durable, even surface of epoxy floor coatings will make your Winnipeg business look very professional. This product is offered in a matte finish that will look refined and durable, or a high-gloss finish that will brighten up any interior space. The bright shine of the gloss finish has another advantage - it reflects light off the ground, which increases visibility in areas like a dimly lit garage, and helps to prevent accidents by enhancing the safety of your space. When left with a smooth surface, epoxy flooring is easy to clean since the treatment makes them even and non-porous. Medical facilities in Winnipeg will rely on the bacteria resistant properties of this product. A level surface means that dust and dirt are easily removed, which makes maintenance a breeze. In the event of a spill, epoxy floor coatings are durable to oil stains and water. Epoxy floor coatings are also heat resistant and can withstand most chemicals and materials without deteriorating the quality. Even harsh chemicals like antifreeze, gasoline, and oil will not penetrate the flooring.

This makes it an ideal choice in spaces like machine shops, laundry rooms, interior areas, commercial space, and garage floors; low maintenance and cost effective. Epoxy floor coatings is an affordable solution - it’s less expensive than other treatments without compromising quality. This product can be installed directly on top of a concrete floor, garage floors or other floor types, so installation costs are low. These epoxy floor solutions prevent grease, gas, or other chemicals from seeping into the concrete underneath. Maintenance costs are nearly non-existent due to its ability to protect the concrete substrate from damage; this is very important when considering the costs of shutting a facility down to remediate un- protected concrete floors! While epoxy flooring solutions is a popular choice in auto dealerships in Winnipeg and other industrial spaces (such as medical facilities), it is rising in popularity in commercial retail stores as well here in Winnipeg. This is due to the high amount of decorative options that are offered. Coloured flecks can be added to create a granite look, and patterns and swirls can transform your floors into works of art. A metallic pigment can be mixed in to create a shimmering and 3D epoxy floor coating. You can even customize the hue of the epoxy floor coating - the choices are limitless! Epoxy floor coatings are tremendously versatile; it is waterproof, spill resistant, and slip resistant. These qualities prevent accidents. We have installed hundreds of thousands of square metres of epoxy floor coating in Winnipeg and have the experience that you can count on to deliver the right solution, for the right budget.

How much does an epoxy floor cost?

When considering epoxy floor coatings, the price depends on a couple of factors: the amount of materials required, and installation. The cost is affected by the surface area that you want to be covered, and the thickness of the epoxy floor coating required; this will depend on the nature of the business being done in the space. For example, an industrial business (such as an auto mechanic shop) will require a thicker floor to prevent impact damage from tools or machines, and to resist chemical damage from items like transmission fluid. For retail spaces, less thickness is required. If you want an extra feature, like an anti-slip coating, this is reflected in the pricing. A consultation with our flooring experts at TCF will help determine the cost of your epoxy flooring. TCF West Winnipeg is a specialist in a variety of resinous materials ranging from epoxy flooring solutions, polyurethanes, MMA, polyaspartics, and cementitious urethanes. Picking the right ‘resin’ for your application is very dependent on the end-use of the floor and the stresses that it will be subjected to. Critical decisions must be made around existing concrete conditions and how to best prepare the surface. Accordingly, different products will address different business scenarios, from expected downtime, to installation, to building lifecycle costs. We offer epoxy flooring services in Winnipeg, and will help you select colours that suit the needs of your business. This product can be customized according to patterns and designs that you choose. It is guaranteed to withstand heavy impacts and chemical spills without deteriorating. Our team of epoxy flooring Winnipeg experts at TCF West will work with you to determine the best pattern and finish for your particular space. Our Winnipeg epoxy services are second to none. Contact us for a free estimate.

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