How to Prepare an Old Concrete Garage Floor for an Epoxy Coat

by | Jun 24, 2018 | Surface preparation, Concrete Repair

Garage floors are known for being covered in oil and grease. Thick layers of these pesky substances can really build up after years of parking your car inside the garage. Now, you’re ready to undo some of the damage and improve the garage’s appearance with an epoxy coat. Rolling out an epoxy coating is a little more time-consuming than simply pouring it onto the floor. Are you really prepared for the work ahead?

Some homeowners really want to save money on the potential cost of putting down an epoxy coat. The average cost by some estimates is between $700 and $1,000. Certainly, doing it yourself can save money. However, preparing your old concrete garage floor to receive an epoxy coat will require several days’ worth of work. Here are the steps you need to take from beginning to end before you’re ready to start rolling.

  • Check for moisture

Your concrete floor won’t be able to accept the new coating if the concrete is too damp. You will need to tape a large piece of plastic over a section of the floor, being certain to seal all of the edges to the concrete using duct tape. Leave the plastic in place for at least 24 hours before checking for condensation. If there is water on the plastic, you will need to remedy your moisture issue before you can roll out an epoxy coating.  Alternatively, call us and we can bring ASTM approves testing methods to your consultation.

  • Clean stains from the floor

Remove everything off of the floor and scrape up any debris you can reach. Sweep the entire room using a stiff-bristled broom, making sure to get all of the corners as well. This prepares the concrete to receive the cleaner. In a bucket, you need to fill it with degreaser and water according to the instructions. You can use this to scrub any grease or oil stains from the surface of the cement, blotting up the residue with a clean rag.  

  • Scrub the rest of the floor

Rinse the entire garage floor with the garden hose before you get started. Pour some of your cleaners from the last step onto the floor and scrub it clean. When you’re finished with the whole floor, vacuum up any water remaining with the Shopvac.

  • Surface Preparation

This is the most important step.  Diamond grinding or shot blasting removes weak laitance and bond breaking stains, that is the most common source of flooring failure.  Without the proper prep, you are simply game ling with your investment!

Preparing your garage floor to receive an epoxy coating is more difficult than most homeowners anticipate.

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