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by | Dec 31, 2018 | Polished Concrete

Creating a beautiful commercial space is exciting, but it can feel overwhelming; there are so many different options, from what colour you’ll paint the walls to what kind of flooring you’ll have installed. When it comes to flooring, knowledge is power. Flooring is a combination of practicality and aesthetics. Your customers want something that’s comfortable to walk on, that won’t cause them to slip, and that creates a pleasant visual effect. A prime candidate for commercial flooring is terrazzo; it’s durable, can be made slip-resistant, utterly customizable and breathtakingly beautiful.

Terrazzo has been around for centuries; the most modern precursor to terrazzo was created in Venice. It’s a composite material, consisting of a binder and chips of glass, granite, marble or other lustrous material. The use of terrazzo became especially popular during the art deco age of the 1920s; one of the most famous terrazzo floorings is the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Before the 20s, terrazzo wasn’t especially durable, but the introduction of two different technologies made it one of the most durable floorings available. Divider strips were created in order to reinforce the flooring, as well as to separate different colour terrazzo, allowing artisans to create complex patterns. Electric grinding machines made terrazzo much more affordable to install, as well as speeding up the overall installation process.

For quite some time, the only terrazzo available was created using cementitious binders; nowadays, terrazzo can be created with epoxy resins as well. Epoxy resins are endlessly customizable, so your commercial space can have terrazzo floorings of all types of colours and patterns. You can even forge your company’s logo out of terrazzo; this is a really nice touch for a multi-level establishment, so that from high up, the logo is plainly visible in the flooring! You can also create coloured pathways out of terrazzo, so visitors to your space can have guided walkways.

Terrazzo is beautiful, durable and complex; this makes it an excellent flooring for upscale establishments. The lobbies and grand ballrooms of chic hotels are likely to be made of terrazzo; opera houses, concert halls, boutique malls and other high-end establishments can all benefit from this gorgeous flooring. Terrazzo is best suited for large-scale projects; as a rule of thumb, terrazzo isn’t worth the cost for an area with small square footage, because the cost tends to go down per square foot the larger the project is.

In Canada, terrazzo standards are created by the Terrazzo Tile & Marble Association of Canada (TTMAC). TC Floors is a member of TTMAC, a reflection of our commitment to upholding the high standards that guarantee terrazzo remains a high-quality, durable flooring system. Ardex is one of TTMAC’s largest sponsors, in part because Ardex creates some incredible terrazzo flooring systems. Winnipeg Ardex installers like TC Floors have incredible flooring solutions at their disposal; terrazzo is a wonderful one, and if you’re running a high-class establishment, it might be the solution for you!

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