Winnipeg Concrete Flooring Company Invests In F-Number Technician Certification

by | Jun 16, 2023 | TCF West

WINNIPEG, MB:  TCF West Inc., a leading Canadian specialized industrial flooring contractor headquartered in Winnipeg, has recently had its second team member certified as an F-Number Technician.  F-Number certification qualifies technicians to test the Floor Flatness and Floor Levelness (FF/FL) of concrete flooring.  


Founded in 2013, TCF West Inc. is an established industrial flooring installation and repair company known for quality workmanship and innovative flooring solutions.  The company’s reputation for craftsmanship, precision, and ability to solve unique concrete flooring issues has made it a sought-after and valued partner in Canada’s industrial flooring industry.  


TCF West prides itself on creating imaginative, beautiful, and highly durable flooring solutions.  Among the company’s offerings are epoxy flooring, polished concrete flooring, levelling, terrazzo, traffic membranes, and concrete restoration.  In addition, TCF West also provides surface preparation services, moisture remediation and toppings, F-Min grinding, self-levelling underlayments, and more.  


Recently, TCF West invested in certifying its second team member as an F-Number Technician.  F-Number Technician certification is completed via a training offered through Allen Face, one of the world’s leading authorities on the design, construction, and quality control of concrete floor slabs.  The course focuses on F-Number Theory and Application, Correct F-Meter Operation, Improvement of FF and FL results, and more.


Michael Rosenblat, the owner of TCF West, was the first company team member to receive his F-Number Technician certification, and now he’s investing in training for others as well.  The second team member to become certified as an F-Number Technician, Alison Rosenblat.  “The fact that we continually seek out professional development and new certifications is part of what sets TCF West apart,” he said.  “We want to ensure that we’re always at the forefront of skills development in the industrial flooring industry.”  


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