5 Design Tips for Polished Concrete Floors

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Polished Toppings

Interior designers often select polished concrete floors for their projects due to their inherent beauty. This floor covering can be easily adapted for any design scheme with an infinite color palette readily available. Whether you want stunning whites or deep charcoal grays, the color, texture, and polish level are completely customizable.

Instead of opting for the same boring patterns with predictable floor coverings, why not try something a little different? More than half of all consumers love concrete floors for their beautiful aesthetic.

If you’ve been nervous about how to incorporate a polished concrete floor into your home or shop, these design tips will help you pull it all together.

Move towards a modern design scheme

The simplicity of concrete lends itself well to a more modern design scheme. You can easily pair a neutral concrete floor with sleek furniture and simple patterns. Its unobtrusive appearance allows guests to focus on the beauty of the overall space instead of individual elements competing for their attention.

Concrete also lends itself well to a modern industrial chic decorating scheme. Pair a neutral color palette with elements of metal, exposed pipes, and delicate glass ornaments. Your home will look like it came straight from the glossy pages of a home design magazine.

Keep anything loud and bright to a bare minimum in a space this contemporary. Artwork can adorn the walls with splashes of bright color in abstract prints, a great way to infuse warmth into a modest space.

Break up the space with a rug

Adding a throw rug is the easiest way to impart a large amount of color into your space. Polished concrete can begin to look monotonous over a large square footage. However, you may not be ready or willing to make a commitment to a different type of floor covering for your home or store.

Instead, consider purchasing a fun throw rug to break the space up just a little bit. Rugs can boast fun colors and patterns without overwhelming a room. This is a great way to create the ambience of a cozy corner or alcove without detracting from an open floor plan.

At home, this could be used to create a small reading nook or to designate an area for your breakfast table. A store could benefit from an area rug in the locations near the dressing rooms.

The benefit of using a throw rug is that it can be changed out fairly regularly. You aren’t going to be stuck with a color that’s way out of date. If the rug gets ruined after a few months of wear and tear, it’s easily replaced without professional assistance.

Play with paint

When you envision concrete floors, do you picture shades of grey and white with very little variation? Fortunately, you can choose polished concrete floors in any shade under the sun. Many interior designers love the neutral shade of gray found in natural concrete though. If you prefer to keep your concrete in its natural state, be sure to add color to your room in other ways.

A little bit of paint on the walls can be a great way to brighten up a drab space. Don’t hesitate to create a sense of playfulness with your color palette. You may want to opt for the brightest whites, vivid teals, or fluorescent fuchsias if the concrete is deep gray. On the other hand, dark jewel tones could juxtapose a light gray concrete with grace and style.

Paint is an inexpensive and easy way to change the entire look of a room. You can choose to color just one large accent wall or an entire room, depending on how bold you want your space to be. Be sure to add coordinating decorative elements throughout the room, such as throw pills or lampshades.

Add lots of natural light

Soften the look of concrete by infusing it with as much natural light as you can find. Open the windows or install beautiful glass French doors. Floor to ceiling window panes can make a big difference in the overall feel of your room.

Natural light can serve two purposes in a room finished with polished concrete flooring in Winnipeg. First, it brings an element of nature into a very industrial space. Second, it can effectively brighten up an area no matter how dark the concrete floor turns out to be. Your space will feel larger and airier with the effective use of a few additional windows or natural light sources.

This is especially effective if your concrete floors are highly polished. Natural light can bounce off the reflective surface of the floor covering, making your room appear vividly bright. You can cut back on the unflattering fluorescent bulbs in favor of this more effective lighting system.

Warm it up with natural materials

If you’re concerned that a polished concrete floor will feel too industrial for your tastes, consider adding warmer elements. Natural elements like green plants and wooden pieces can help to add coziness to a stark environment. You may want to add wooden trim around doors and windows, a wooden accent wall, or plenty of decorative succulent plants around the room.

Not only will this add an extra pop of color, but it will make a space feel significantly more inviting. This is a great way to bridge the gap between traditional decorating and a more industrial design scheme. You can have the best of both worlds – a comfortable space where you feel at home alongside a durable and cost-effective polished concrete floor.

A polished concrete floor easily lends itself to any preferred design scheme. Interior decorators tend to favor this choice because it allows them so much flexibility in other areas. If you’ve been hesitating because you don’t know how to decorate your concrete flooring, try envisioning a few of these prominent design tips.

You’ll want to have your concrete floors polished as soon as possible once you realize all of the potential design opportunities. Start talking with TCF West about how you can polish concrete floors in your space today.


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