How Durable is an Epoxy Floor?

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Industrial settings often have a difficult time selecting a floor that is going to hold up well under the extreme wear and tear of a warehouse. There is plenty of friction, spills, and other daily occurrences that would ruin most flooring types. However, many industries have been turning to epoxy flooring because they believe it can withstand the abuse. These floors can easily transform into the perfect aesthetic for an industrial setting, but just how durable are they?

If your company has been on the fence about whether an epoxy floor will be durable enough, take a look at some of these attributes that will have you convinced.


When something spills on a vinyl floor or bare concrete, you are bound to see some long-term damage to the materials. Some flooring is simply far more susceptible to stains, damage, or bleaching than others. Fortunately, epoxy flooring doesn’t really fall into the same category with these items that are more easily damaged. The surface of the epoxy is very spill-resistant, no matter what type of liquid is poured into its surface. They can easily withstand water, oil, bleach, gasoline, and heavy-duty cleaners without a single stain left on the surface.  

Because of their unique resistance to spills, most are also immune to the reactions of chemical spills on their surface. This could be great in some settings because it means that you won’t be left with a bleached floor or an area that is permanently damaged due to a spill.


Epoxy flooring is most sought-after because of its inherent ability to withstand tremendous amounts of wear and tear. Foot traffic from employees in the warehouse should be one consideration, but most businesses are more worried about what will happen with their machinery. Pallet jacks, forklifts, and other necessary equipment can cause serious issues in a floor long-term. Consider the fact that the average forklift weighs about 9,000 pounds. It could easily chip the paint, cause deep grooves, or wear straight through the surface. With epoxy flooring, none of that needs to be cause for concern.

The surface coating is applied directly over concrete, making the surface hard enough to withstand the abuse of heavy machinery and the friction of wheels. The epoxy itself has an excellent grip that makes driving the forklift much safer to navigate, but it also prevents the equipment from damaging it. You can expect a relatively long lifespan from your epoxy flooring.

Easy Maintenance

With vinyl and other types of flooring, maintenance is often the key to longevity. However, that doesn’t have to be the case for epoxy flooring. Epoxy flooring doesn’t need to be heavily scrubbed on a regular basis unless you are getting up chemical spills. Most of the time, all you have to do is sweep it and mop it every couple of weeks to keep the surface looking like new.  

With the extreme durability of epoxy, it should be a simple choice for your next warehouse project. Are you looking for an epoxy flooring Winnipeg installer? You can give TCF West a call when you’re ready to talk to the company that offers the best professional epoxy flooring in Winnipeg!


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