Why Epoxy Floors Are Best For Garages & The Automotive Industry

by | Oct 20, 2023 | Epoxy

Looking to install a new floor in your dealership or garage? Epoxy coatings have a number of advantages. They can help you reduce your overhead costs, make your business more aesthetically appealing, and reduce the risk of accidents—all while providing a sturdy, durable, and chemical-resistant surface for people and vehicles to move on.

Here are seven reasons why you should consider an epoxy coating for your automotive business’s floor: 

1. Adapting to a Changing Landscape

Today, consumers expect more from the places they do business with. They want beautiful spaces to shop in, environmentally friendly practices, and safe environments—whether they’re working with dealerships, auto repair shops, or anyone else in the automotive industry.

Epoxy floors provide all of the above. They help save money on lighting, making them an eco-friendly option. They reduce the risk of accidents and stop the spread of germs, making them safer. Epoxy flooring is incredibly functional, but you don’t lose out on aesthetics—your floors can be used to help create a unique shopping experience for your clients. 

2. Antimicrobial Properties and Ease of Cleaning

Epoxy flooring is extremely easy to clean. As a seamless flooring solution, you don’t need to worry about microbes or other contaminants getting into cracks or gaps. This can help prevent your staff from getting sick—it also means you’ll need to spend less time and money on cleaning and maintenance. 

Business owners who are particularly concerned about microbes can also opt for antimicrobial coatings; these are most typically used in the food and beverage industry, but they could certainly be applied to dealerships, garages, and other automotive flooring. 

3. The Aesthetic and Functional Benefits 

Dealerships and other front-facing automotive businesses can benefit from the incredible aesthetics of epoxy flooring. You can integrate various colours and textures into your epoxy floor. 

Epoxy flooring can be very reflective (unless you want matt colour)—this means the lights in your building will be amplified. This quality is particularly beneficial for dealerships; epoxy coatings can really make the cars on your dealership floor shine. It’s also helpful in garages, where it can help illuminate the underside of vehicles. 

This dramatic increase in illumination—up to 300%—will also save you money. With so much light being reflected by your epoxy floors, you’ll need fewer lights to be on at any given time; that can drastically reduce your overhead costs. 

4. Customization and Branding Opportunities 

One of the most useful qualities of epoxy is its inherent customizability; it can be treated with all kinds of different coatings, and it comes in a variety of different colours. Textures can also be added by mixing aggregate into the epoxy coating. 

This leads to a number of incredible branding opportunities. Imagine your dealership’s logo on the centre of your floor in big, bold colours. This logo would be visible from the ground floor and come into even greater focus from above—an excellent branding opportunity.

You could even use multiple logos if your dealership has several brands under its roof, sectioning off your building by brand without the need for barriers. You could even colour-code different parts of your building—the possibilities are endless when it comes to epoxy floor coatings.

If you are looking for Winnipeg epoxy flooring options, there are professional installers available that can provide quality epoxy flooring.

5. Durability and Resilience in Auto Workshops

When you’re working in a garage, you need a garage floor that will resist oils, acids, and more. 

An epoxy garage floor coating can help with all of the above. These are incredibly durable garage floors that can resist a whole host of different chemicals. They also hold up in heavy traffic; even with vehicles moving on and off of them constantly, garage floor epoxy coatings can last for years. 

6. Safety Considerations in Busy Environments 

Dealerships, garages, and other buildings in the automotive industry are incredibly busy. People and vehicles are constantly moving in and out of your space—which can lead to many accidents, including slip and trip accidents.

Epoxy flooring can help whether you’re getting a garage floor epoxy coating or an epoxy floor for your dealership. Various additives can improve safety—some of the most used additives give the flooring extra grip, helping prevent accidents. 

The extra illumination provided by epoxy floors can also help prevent accidents. The flooring’s durability also means that when heavy objects are dropped, they’re less likely to damage the floor. The thicker the system and the type of material will make the floor more or less resistant to chips or damage.

7. Efficient Installation and Flexibility

No matter what type of building you have, epoxy floors are a viable solution. They can be installed almost anywhere; because they’re poured and manipulated as a liquid before they harden, they can conform to absolutely any shape. Rooms of any size, with any number of obstacles—epoxy flooring can be installed in any of them!

Installing epoxy flooring takes very little time—your business will be back in operation within 24-48 hours in most cases. Interested in epoxy flooring for your business? Contact TCF West today!


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