What’s the Best Flooring Solution for Warehouses?

by | Jan 20, 2022 | Polished Concrete

Finding the best flooring for warehouses is an interesting proposition. Warehouses aren’t a monolith, after all; you might store a variety of different goods in your warehouse. Depending on occupancy, your main concerns can vary from proper pest control to stopping ammonia leaks. That said, there are a few qualities that pretty much any warehouse will want in their floors. Firstly, they need to be abrasion resistant in order to maintain a smooth and dense surface. Secondly, they should be relatively bright; although aesthetics aren’t always a huge consideration for warehouse floors; being ‘bright’ can be helpful to an operations efficiency. Thirdly, they should be smooth, therefore reducing material handling equipment damage.

Polished concrete is a perfect solution for all three of the qualities we’re looking for. As you can imagine, concrete needs to have a dense surface and this is exactly what the polishing process enhances.  Second, the polishing process enhances concretes light reflectivity and therefore brightens a facility.  Lastly, the polishing process ‘flattens” the existing concrete, therefore, reducing lift traffic bouncing as they travel through the warehouse. 

When it comes to cost, it’s hard to do better than polished concrete. A lot of the time, your warehouse will already have a concrete substrate or unpolished concrete present. That means all we have to do is repair and polish the concrete with no additional materials required. This keeps your costs down and it’s also eco-friendly. When it comes to cleaning, polished concrete is a breeze. You don’t need to wax it so dust mopping the floor every day and using a neutral cleaner when wet mopping is all you need. Polished concrete is also an incredibly durable flooring system and your floor will last for decades. That means no replacement flooring costs. Cheap installation, cheap maintenance, and a long lifespan make polished concrete perfect for warehouses.

Looking at slip resistance, polished concrete once again fits the bill. There’s research that’s shown polished concrete to be the most slipresistant flooring. You should know that how slip-resistant your polished concrete is depends heavily on how contaminated it is; the more contaminants, the less slip-resistant. In other words, be sure to clean your floor regularly! 

It should be noted that polished concrete is a great solution for the warehouse proper, but it might not be the ideal solution for other areas. For example, in areas exposed to constant water on the floor or frequent spills, an epoxy floor should be considered. 

Our resume for polished concrete resume is extensive; so make sure you check for your contractor’s references! We offer a variety of concrete flooring services in Winnipeg. Get in touch, and we’ll find the right solution for you!


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