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Damaged concrete
Damaged concrete

Concrete Repair and Restoration Services for Business in Winnipeg

TCF West has grown rapidly into one of the premiere concrete restoration services in Winnipeg and Canada. We have an extensive amount of highly specialized electric floor demolition equipment; such as concrete planers and scarifiers and slab saws; that allow us to make extremely fast work in restoring failing concrete surfaces. We have become a market leader in re-sloping floors and thin overlay resurfacing in extremely short work windows.

We work with the most commonly specified manufacturers of both repair mortars, self-levelling underlayments and rapid-curing resins. Our market-leading position in this service allows us to work closely with these manufacturers and extend their warranties on to you, the client. This is extremely important we feel, as many companies say they do “restoration services”, however, unless you have the extensive Resume that TCF West does, these concrete repairs can often fail relatively quickly.

Concrete Repair Services We Offer:

Crack Repair

Cracks in concrete can lead to further cracking and deterioration if left untreated. We use flexible caulks, repair mortars and epoxy injections to seal cracks, fix edges and prevent continued damage. From hairline cracks to large splits, we can repair them all.

Spall Repair

Spalling occurs when pieces of concrete break off, leaving holes and cavities. We fill these voids with patching compounds to create an even surface and prevent further spalling.

Damage from Chemicals, Use Or Cleaning

Continual power washing, cleaning, or harsh chemicals can eat away and deteriorate concrete.  We can mitigate the chemicals, repair the concrete and if wanted, install an epoxy or polyurethane concrete material to help prevent damage from occurring again.  .

Sidewalk, Pool Decks, Loading Dock, or Stair Repairs

We can resurface worn or damaged concrete without needing to replace the concrete. This will fill small surface defects such as worn surfaces, small gouges, defects and sprawling.

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Concrete Resurfacing Options:

epoxy flooring being poured

Epoxy Floor Coating

We apply durable commercial and decorative epoxy coatings to garage floors, offices, warehouses, food services, kitchens , patios, and more. These coatings are seamless, chemical resistant and easy to clean.

Mechanized grout screed concrete floor close-up

Polished Concrete

Grinding and polishing existing concrete creates an elegant, low-maintenance floor. We offer several solutions with different levels of grinding and sheen to match your vision.

Polished Concrete Toppings

Overlays and Toppings

We apply new concrete overlays to resurface damaged or worn concrete. Many options and materials like anti-slip overlays, colored concrete, and exposed aggregate are available.

Why Choose Us for Your Concrete Repair Project in Winnipeg?

With 10 years of concrete restoration experience, we are concrete repair experts you can trust. We provide these benefits on all projects:

We offer free estimates on all repair and resurfacing projects so you know the price upfront.

Industry Leading Warranties

With our extensive qualification from our manufacturers, we lead the concrete industry in giving you and your business a peace of mind.

Professional Crews

Our in-house crews are highly trained and experienced at all types of concrete work.  We do not subcontract out to ensure the best qualify possible.