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We are a specialized industrial flooring contractor focusing on quality workmanship, based out of Winnipeg, MB but serving all regions of Canada.

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Quality Epoxy Flooring Winnipeg can count on!

At TCF West, we specialize in installing epoxy floor coatings Winnipeg residents can trust. With over 20 years of experience, you can trust that our contractors will get the job done right.
As durable as concrete is, this material still has weaknesses. Is your concrete floor in need of repairs? In a commercial space, you need a floor that’s waterproof, dustproof, durable, and aesthetically pleasing. You need epoxy flooring.
What gives epoxy its signature strength and bacterial resistance? It has to do with the unique curing process. When an epoxide resin (or polyepoxide) is mixed with a polyamine hardener or curative, it creates a strong chemical bond.
The resulting compound is resistant to corrosion, water damage, and bacteria. This highly resilient coating adheres directly to your existing concrete floor.
Strengthen, protect, and improve the appearance of your concrete floors with our epoxy flooring solutions.

Our Reviews

Chevy Luk
Chevy Luk
Michael and his team are very professional and do quality work. Highly recommended.
Stacey Helms
Stacey Helms
these guys did great work fixing up my concrete, they did a polished top for me and it looks really nice. they were also really quick and professional with their work.
greg mcfarley
greg mcfarley
Needed some concrete work done at the office and TC Floors was the suggested company to provide the work. They worked with us to walk through the process, understand what was needed, and execute the plan. They worked hard and fast, and did an amazing job. Really impressive work.

Where Do We Install Epoxy Floor Coatings?

There’s a reason why so many businesses choose epoxy flooring. This coating is low-maintenance, long-lasting, and bonds exceptionally well with concrete floors. At TCF West, we install epoxy floors at commercial locations like:

In warehouses and manufacturing plants, concrete floors are put to the test. Enhance their strength and endurance with an epoxy floor coating.
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The bacterial resistance of epoxy makes this flooring solution an excellent choice in healthcare buildings.
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Impress your customers with a glossy and decorative epoxy floor coating.

The waterproof and anti-slip properties of epoxy will be a great addition to any laundry room.
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Grease and oil stains are common in a commercial kitchen. We can install an anti-slip coating with your high gloss epoxy floors to prevent workplace accidents.

The bright shine of high gloss epoxy floors brings more light to dark areas. This increases the overall visibility and safety of your garage floors.
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This can create a waterproof barrier to contain any spills and create an anti-slip surface.

Who Do We Install Epoxy Floor Coatings For?

If your concrete floor is constantly in disrepair, it results in costly downtime, disruptions to your services, and safety hazards. Epoxy flooring is an affordable solution for the challenges faced by many business owners. An epoxy coating will transform your floors without breaking your budget.

Do You Need Quality Epoxy Flooring Installed?

If you contact us now, we’ll set you up with a free consultation to review what you are looking for, and suggest flooring options. Epoxy flooring solutions are an excellent choice in any commercial or industrial space. Get a free quote today when you call TC Floors West.

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At TC Floors West, we install a variety of resinous materials, including polyurethanes, MMA, polyaspartic, cementitious urethanes, and epoxy flooring Winnipeg clients look for. Looking for more details about the cost? Our flooring experts in Winnipeg, MB can provide you with a free estimate for your installation. To schedule your appointment, contact us today.

Benefits Of Epoxy Floor Coatings

Why should you choose an epoxy coating over other flooring materials? Here are just a few of its advantages:

Withstand heat, chemicals, and water spills

In manufacturing plants, your floors are put to the test. The non-porous surface of epoxy flooring gives it resistance to chemicals like oil, antifreeze, and gasoline. When applied correctly, this flooring solution is completely waterproof.
Given how durable epoxy flooring is, your maintenance costs will be low and infrequent; this helps prevent costly downtime or workplace accidents. The durability of epoxy flooring makes installing it even more cost-effective.

Repair surface imperfections

Over the years, even the toughest concrete floors become cracked, corroded, and stained; these things are inevitable in high-traffic areas. Damaged and uneven floors can create hazardous working conditions. Keep your workers safe with our epoxy flooring solutions.

Easy to clean

Epoxy flooring has a durable surface. This makes it easy to sweep, mop and power wash the floor whenever dust accumulates. Prevent your employees or customers from slipping by installing anti-slip in the epoxy flooring.

Customize the appearance of your floors

If you’re interested in stylized epoxy flooring, we have plenty of decorative options for you to choose from. One of the most popular decorative patterns that we offer is metallic epoxy, which has a 3D appearance and depth. You can also choose flake, quartz or glitter epoxy coatings.
During your consultation, we’ll help you decide on a colour, pattern, and design that will work best in your commercial space. These artistic flooring solutions make for a great feature in any space.

epoxy floor in winnipeg
epoxy flooring winnipeg
epoxy flooring winnipeg

The Basic Process

How do our contractors transform concrete floors with high gloss epoxy coatings? It all starts with our thorough and precise installation process. Here’s a basic overview:

We start by creating a concrete surface profile (CSP) of your floor. A CSP measures how rough the surface of the concrete is. Low CSP numbers mean the concrete is nearly flat, while high numbers indicate it’s much rougher. The higher the CSP, the more preparation that will be required. Our contractors assess the current condition of your concrete floor and determine how best to prepare it.
Then, we perform a moisture check; we inspect if there is any water vapour present that could interfere with the bonding process.
Next, we apply the coating as per manufacturer recommendations. Depending on the system and type of epoxy coating chosen, there might be multiple coats.

Allow several days for the epoxy floor to cure completely (the curing time varies depending on which coating you choose).

Commercial Epoxy Flooring Installation

At a restaurant, hair salon, or retail store, epoxy flooring will keep your business looking professional and tidy. Since it’s easy to clean, you can stay on top of dirt and dust even on your busiest days. Epoxy floors help your business adhere to health and safety guidelines in any commercial space.

Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating Installation

In a factory or manufacturing facility, your floors are subject to impact damage, chemical spills, and high traffic. Based on the needs of your business, some coatings will work better than others.
During your epoxy flooring consultation, we’ll assess how thick the floors should be and the type of top coat we suggest. The thicker the epoxy, the more resistant it will be to chemicals, as well as damage from heavy tools and machines.

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