How Do I Know if Polished Concrete is Right for Me?

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The type of flooring you choose to install on your property is highly personal, influencing the way your space looks and feels. You want something that speaks to you and flows well with the design of the property, but the aesthetics aren’t the only factor that is considered. Polished concrete flooring often pops up on the list of potential floor coverings, but how do you know if it’s the right choice for you?

By taking a look at the overall characteristics of concrete flooring, you may be able to quickly determine why it’s a great choice for your property. Examine a few of these statements to see how many of them align with your ideas of the perfect flooring.

You want a floor that doesn’t require much maintenance

Who wants to spend hours each week scrubbing their floor until it gleams? Muddy footprints, small spills, and the grime of daily life all build up on your floor over the course of a week. Some flooring types will require you to scrub them on a regular basis or have them professionally cleaned throughout the year. Substrates like carpet can hold onto the dirt, hair, and dust, making it nearly impossible to thoroughly clean the floors.

In contrast, concrete requires very little maintenance. Sweeping the floor with a soft-bristled broom or dusting the surface with a dust mop will effectively remove all of the dust and loose dirt. You can follow this step by mopping it with a mild cleaner and warm water, taking care not to saturate the floor.

These two simple steps are all that’s required for concrete flooring, making it ideal for property owners who want a low-maintenance option.

You want something environmentally-friendly

 Do you know how your flooring can impact the environment around you? Flooring can utilize large waste factors and may require extensive fuel resources to make it to your local area. The type of flooring you install on your property can have a significant impact on the environment and your health.

By choosing concrete floors, you’re minimizing your own carbon footprint. Some flooring items are shipped to your local area from overseas where the labor costs are significantly reduced. This requires a lot of fuel to transport these heavy items in large quantities across the ocean. Even if they are produced within the country, the transportation costs from one side the nation to the other can be extremely high.

Meanwhile, concrete may already be poured in the home as a part of your subfloor. Not only does this make great use of a product that’s already been used and is extremely necessary to the structural integrity of your home, but it also eliminates the waste factor.

You want to improve your indoor air quality

Most people don’t realize that the air outside their home may be less contaminated than their indoor air. Particularly with the increase in energy efficiency, our homes tend to have less ventilation for the chemicals and pollutants we’re exposed to on a daily basis. Your flooring may be contributing heavily to a reduced indoor air quality.

Popular flooring products such as carpet or hardwood flooring may be laden with harsh chemicals known as volatile organic compounds (often referred to as VOCs). They may contain traces of carcinogens and detrimental chemicals like formaldehyde, particularly in their less expensive versions. Over time, exposure to these pollutants can cause some serious health effects for property owners.

Concrete flooring utilizes very few chemicals during the polishing process. The concrete is typically only sealed unless you desire for a stain or substrate to be added to the floor. Otherwise, it is polished using gritted papers that refine the surface until it becomes more reflective.

You don’t have many spills

Concrete isn’t ideal for homes or businesses that deal with a lot of spills. While dumping a glass of water or juice on the floor may not cause any substantial harm, constant exposure to oil and grease may. Consider what type of traffic your flooring will see over the course of the day or week. This may be particularly true for businesses that are considering using polished concrete in their warehouse.

You shouldn’t use polished concrete if the flooring will frequently be exposed to oil or acids. Both of these substances are extremely difficult to clean up quickly and may penetrate or dull the polished finish of the concrete.

You need flooring that can be finished quickly

Flooring can eat into the time on a project that has a very short turnaround time. Some types of flooring require weeks for proper installation which can drastically slow down progress. If you need something that can be completed and ready for additional traffic in just a matter of days, polished concrete could be the ideal choice.

You can get back on track with a tight timeline quickly with a simple polished concrete floor.

You need inexpensive flooring

Who needs to pay $10 or more per square foot for their flooring? This category can often be one of the biggest budget busters on a construction project. Help to keep things within the budget by opting for a less expensive flooring like polished concrete. Depending on the finished style and appearance of the flooring, this may cost you only a few dollars per square foot to complete.

Polished concrete flooring can add maximum impact when it comes to aesthetic appeal without the high price tag associated with many other flooring types. The reflective surface will make your space appear larger, more open, and airier when the light bounces off of it. It may look like you spent a fortune to come up with the modern appeal of this high-end appearance.

Ultimately, only you can decide if polished concrete is going to be right for your project. Take time to carefully consider whether these attributes describe your lifestyle or your project before you move forward with any flooring decision. Most people will find that polished concrete gives them an affordable, low-maintenance solution that has a wide range of benefits for their property.

If you feel like polished concrete could be the right choice for your next project, be sure to contact TCF West today. We would love to talk about making your visions come to life for your next project!


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