Non-Slip Epoxy Flooring For Better Safety

by | Jun 14, 2021 | Epoxy

In 2018, 1027 Canadians died from work-related causes. Slip and fall accidents are a common workplace-related accident – unfortunately, these accidents can often cause death, and contribute to that tragic number.

No one wants their team members to be injured on the job. No one wants their customers to be injured when they visit. Fortunately, you can seriously reduce the risk of slip and fall injuries through the use of epoxy flooring. 

The conditions that the epoxy flooring will be used in will change the type of slip and fall protection that should be employed. The chief difference between environments is whether they’ll be dry or wet. In this post, we’ll propose two different solutions that are well-suited to each of those conditions.


Epoxy flooring in dry environments

Dry environments are generally well-served by ‘light’ textured epoxy. Solid colored urethane or polyaspartic topcoats can have very fine traction additives mixed right into them and therefore, offer enhanced aesthetics and easy cleanability. This is the economical offering of epoxy flooring.  On the opposite side of the epoxy flooring spectrum, in terms of cost,  is  Terrazzo.  Terrazzo flooring is created by mixing an epoxy binder (in limitless color options) with marble chips, glass and granite.  After mixing together, skilled applicators trowel the mix to ⅜” thick.  Finally, the floor is ground smooth to expose the aggregate matrix and then sealed.  


Epoxy flooring in wet environments

In wet environments, spaces designed for food prep, commercial kitchens, or public-facing showers, “larger” anti-slip additives for your epoxy floors are the way to go. These are typically installed by a ‘broadcast’ method into one of the last topcoats on the flooring system.  The ‘slip profile’ is achieved by balancing the size of the aggregate, with the amount of ‘cover’ given by the final seal coat..

You might wonder why we don’t use anti-slip additives for all epoxy flooring? The main reason is that cleaning the floor requires more aggressive techniques, as the amount of slip protection is enhanced.

That said, the low price of some extra effort needed to clean your floors is well worth the payoff – a lower chance that your team members or clients get injured. Here at TCF West, we are one of the best epoxy flooring companies in Winnipeg. If you’re looking for a slip-free flooring solution, get in touch with us.



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