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Flooring is easily one of the biggest decisions that you will need to make for a potential project. It not only makes a dramatic impact in the aesthetics of a room, but it is also the aspect that receives the most wear and tear on a daily basis. Your customers will walk on it, you may drive forklifts over it, and there may even be regular spills that can mar the finish. How do you select flooring that will ultimately be beneficial to your business?

Many warehouse owners and commercial shops are opting for epoxy flooring for its long list of inherent benefits. This flooring is relatively affordable, extremely durable, and low-maintenance.

If you’re interested in choosing the perfect flooring for your next project, here are just a few of the reasons why you will need to consider what epoxy flooring has to offer.

You can save time on maintenance

Companies who spend hours each day trying to keep their current floors clean will want to consider what epoxy flooring can offer their company. You may be able to forego a second full-time janitor or maintenance person with an epoxy floor covering. The surface is extremely durable and low maintenance. All you will need to do is sweep and mop with a mild cleaner and warm water.

The smooth surface allows dirt, grime, spills, and stains to come up easily. They are extremely resistant to spills that other types of flooring may be susceptible to. For example, industrial warehouses should highly consider using this flooring type to resist oil and grease stains. The low maintenance aspect of epoxy flooring allows the flooring to look like new for years to come.

It can help save costs on a project

Flooring eats into a budget rather quickly on any given project. Fortunately, epoxy flooring could minimize the potential costs associated with other types of flooring. Affordability is one of the largest contributing factors that lead property owners to select epoxy.

Not only are the materials themselves relatively inexpensive, but you don’t typically need to do much work on a preexisting concrete subfloor. These subfloor modifications aren’t often included in budget calculations and can completely derail your overall budget and drive the cost of the project much higher than necessary.

Epoxy is both durable and strong

Most property owners want to choose a type of flooring that they know will hold up to years’ worth of wear and tear. The only possible flooring type more durable than epoxy is plain concrete itself. Epoxy can last a very long time and may even wear better than concrete because of its protective surface.

Over time, you might start to notice aging on other flooring surfaces like wood floors or concrete. However, epoxy hardens to form one solid layer of polymer that can withstand almost anything. This is a part of the reason why it is so simple to keep things clean. It isn’t susceptible to chemical breakdown when exposed to harsh products.

Epoxy floors can really lighten up an area

Are you hoping to reduce your overhead costs when it comes to non-negotiable items like electricity? Epoxy floors can actually help to brighten up your area with their highly polished and reflective surfaces. This can help to minimize the number of lights in an area, particularly if there are windows that are open to the natural light outside.

According to some sources, an epoxy floor covering has the potential to increase the brightness of a room by 200 percent. This could be an excellent way to cut costs in addition to the amount you’re saving from this low-cost application. Better visuals also increase the overall safety of your area.

You can get your project back on schedule

There are always inevitable delays in the construction process, no matter how meticulous you might be at planning ahead. Installing flooring can completely throw your timeline off-track because it limits the other trades that can work simultaneously. If you’re running out of time to complete a project, epoxy flooring could be the perfect solution for you.

This floor covering takes only a few days to install and cure, allowing you to get back to work in no time at all.

It’s safer for employees

You may require your employees to wear non-slip shoes to work, but are they really the most effective solution for making the workplace safer? If you’re concerned about worker’s comp claims, you should take time to consider whether an epoxy floor could help to reduce the risk of injury in the workplace. You can install epoxy flooring with a texturized surface in order to make it highly slip-resistant.

The inherent properties of epoxy also make it more resistant to fire and temperatures that fluctuate wildly from season to season.

It can increase your property value

Installing an epoxy floor can be a great way to add value to your property. The durable, attractive finish makes the space look clean, updated, and well-maintained. This can allow you to justify raising rents for commercial spaces or get more money when selling the property. At a minimum, you can expect to recoup the installation cost when selling. More likely, the improvement will lead to profit beyond the original expense. You may want to read more on how epoxy flooring can increase your property value.

Epoxy reduces wear on your vehicles

Warehouses that work with a lot of heavy machinery such as forklifts will really want to consider opting for epoxy flooring. This covering can actually reduce the amount of wear and tear on vehicles over time because of its smooth surface. You can move materials around more quickly while lowering the costs of routine maintenance and repairs on the equipment.

Epoxy is mutually beneficial for the subflooring and the machines, as it protects both items from unnecessary damage or wear and tear. Its durability is one of the key features that allows property owners and project managers to consider installing epoxy floors in almost every project.

If you’ve been searching for the perfect flooring solution, it may be time for you to think about installing an epoxy floor. These low-cost and low-maintenance floors are extremely durable and can lower your overhead costs for the business as a whole. They have a lot to offer without requiring much in return.

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