Polished Concrete Flooring For An Apartment Complex

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A polished concrete floor creates an aesthetic that’s modern, industrial, and trendy. However, you might wonder if this material is suitable for every area of your building. The answer will depend on the specific conditions of those rooms.

When you live in an apartment complex, you notice more than the floors in your own suite. Tenants spend time walking through common areas like stairwells, laundry rooms, and entryways. By laying down new, polished concrete flooring, you’ll impress your residents, repair old damage, and improve the appearance of the interior.

We’re going to break down the locations where polished concrete will make a statement in an apartment complex, and other areas where you might choose differently:


Where Does Polished Concrete Flooring Work Well?

Given that polished concrete is durable, lustrous, and able to withstand a large volume of foot traffic, it’s a great fit in a range of applications. Here are a few areas where you might consider it:

Covered Patios

In common areas like patios or entertainment areas, polished concrete flooring works very well. Its resistance to wear and tear allows it to hold up in community spaces.

Another benefit is that polished flooring is pretty easy to clean. Its smooth, seamless surface makes sweeping and mopping almost effortless. Once you’re done, your floors will look shiny and pristine.

Apartment Entryways

First impressions are everything when it comes to touring an apartment building. Make your entryway impactful by installing polished flooring. It gives your property a modern, practical, and well-kept appearance.


As tenants move in and out of your building, the hallways can take a beating. But with polished concrete floors, you can trust that they’ll hold up against damage from couches, office desks, and dining room tables. These floors have higher durability than other types of flooring. Concrete floors offer the strength you need when people are moving in and out of your complex.

No more will the hallway appear dull and dimly lit. With polished flooring, the light will reflect off the concrete, which adds dimension to the area. Sweeping dust or debris is a breeze due to its even surface.


Places You Should Not Install Polished Concrete

This material isn’t suitable in every location of your apartment complex. There are some areas where another type of flooring may work better, like:

Near a Pool

Any area where concrete will be repeatedly exposed to water, or slippery substances like tanning oil, is less than ideal.

Due to the pH level of pool water, your floor can easily be stained. In addition, concrete floors get especially hot when they’re exposed to sunlight, and can burn the bottom of people’s feet.

In a Kitchen

If your apartment complex features a common dining area, a concrete floor may not be your best option.

In a kitchen, you need a tough surface to deal with water and grease spills. The smooth, polished surface of concrete flooring might not be the best fit. Something with a no-slip surface, like epoxy floors with a polyurethane coating, makes for a better choice.


Bathrooms can be subject to water damage, whether it’s due to splashes from the sink or—actually, let’s not get into the other possibilities…

Just like with the previous areas, your polished concrete floors could be subject to moisture damage in a washroom. This can lead to staining and decay. If the floor absorbs liquid, it may also absorb smells. We don’t need to tell you why this is disastrous in a bathroom.


Design Ideas for Polished Concrete Floors

Forget about bland, grey concrete—your customization options are a lot more exciting than that. Here are a few ways you can make your concrete flooring unique:

  • Stains. Enhance your flooring by adding a rich, deep colour that transforms an entire room. Keep things subdued with a glossy black, navy blue, or purple. Or, add light to your space by choosing white, yellow, or pale green.
  • Colours. Dyeing concrete is a suitable option when the concrete profile isn’t viable for staining. Your floors will have an extra layer of style when they’re dyed your desired colour.
  • Aggregate seeding. This gives your polished floors a multi-faceted look. Add flecks of different materials to create an intricate and eye-catching pattern on your floors.


At TCF West, we can help you customize the thickness and design of your polished concrete floors with stains, colours, and aggregate seeding choices. We also offer terrazzo flooring which allows you to add stunning patterns and graphics to your floors.


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