Moisture Control – TCF West Winnipeg

One of the most common and expensive problems in floor installations in Winnipeg is excessive moisture in a concrete slab. TCF West Inc. certified personnel will do moisture testing and recommend a moisture control system based on specific job site requirements to resolve such issues. Over the past 20 years, the frequency of moisture vapor emission issues has increased. Several contributing factors include:

  • elimination of asbestos as an ingredient in resilient flooring;
  • loss of solvents from adhesive and coating systems;
  • increased use of water for easier concrete placement;
  • fast-track construction schedules;
  • absorptive aggregate in lightweight concrete; and
  • lack of vapor retarders or having breeched under-slab vapor retarders.

Concrete moisture-related floor finish failures are responsible for multi-millions of dollars in damages annually and can occur both in new construction and renovation projects. The list of grievances is long: adhesive failures, epoxy flooring coverings buckling and blistering, floor covering replacement, blistering/delamination of non-breathable coatings and epoxies, tenant move-out and subsequent damage, injuries due to slips and falls, and litigation.

Our unique qualifications in this service carries up to a 25 year warranty in Winnipeg.