Polished Concrete Toppings in Winnipeg

concrete polishing winnipeg
concrete polishing winnipeg

Polished Concrete Flooring

We are a certified applicator of several forms of this unique and stunning flooring type ( Ardex PCT, Ardex Pandomo and CTS Cement Tru PC). Typically poured at 3/8” thickness, the floor is then polished the very next day!


What makes toppings a great flooring option?


1) Polishable toppings are unique from the aspect that regardless of depth of grinder cuts, the surface result is very consistent in its appearance. Possibilities are endless with a variety of colours, stains and aggregate seeding choices.


2) As opposed to regular concrete that shrinks during curing, the toppings we use do not suffer from this, eliminating the need for saw cuts to control shrinkage.  This allows for large, open and seamless designs.  On the flip side, you may desire to install architectural cuts/reveals or installation of zinc strips,  to custom design totally unique vision.


3) Polishable toppings are a guaranteed way to achieve a polished floor regardless of concrete condition.  If your floor is covered with existed flooring and you desire a polished concrete floor, you are at the mercy of whatever the previous owners have done to the floor.  Often bolt holes from wall installations, cracks, stains ; make polishing concrete a less than desirable option; when a clean look if desired.  This is the beautiful aspect of the polishable topping; from the time it is specified, you know exactly what you will be getting!
If you are looking for a flooring option with even more customization and design flexibility, you may want to consider epoxy flooring in Winnipeg. Epoxy allows for a wide range of color choices, patterns, and textures to create a truly one-of-a-kind floor. We can provide more details on epoxy flooring options if you are interested in exploring this route.