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Terrazzo is a strong material that can withstand the toughest conditions without compromising its beautiful appearance and ease of maintenance. The options that it offers are limitless: it can be made of anything from granite, metal aggregates, marble, concrete, porcelain, and more – the choice is in your hands. This material is mixed with either epoxy or cement, which creates a durable and smooth surface. Precast or poured, terrazzo is a flexible flooring for designers since it offers many customization options – better yet, its seamless surface can withstand heavy traffic and high impacts.


Both stylish and durable, this flooring will remain pristine for years to come, even in areas with heavy foot traffic. One of the biggest advantages of terrazzo is how long-lasting it is. With the proper maintenance, you may never have to replace your terrazzo flooring – that’s why it has been the material of choice for hundreds of years.

A seamless surface that’s easy to clean.

Sweeping will be swift with terrazzo floors – their smooth, polished surface makes cleaning effortless. Better yet, this material is non-porous, which means that it will resist moisture and bacteria. Your floors will be free of mould and couldn’t be easier to clean.

Options for custom designs and colours.

Perhaps one of the best features of terrazzo floors is its limitless options for customization. The colours and design can be tailored according to your taste – from bold patterns to elegant graphics, terrazzo can be an elegant and breathtaking design choice in any space.


Not many floors can withstand tough conditions like terrazzo can. It will hold up against high impacts, and its longevity means that with the proper maintenance, it may never need to be replaced. Terrazzo is a tough material that is a perfect flooring choice in any area, whether it’s a living space, gym, school, or even a warehouse.

Affordable and sustainable

Replacing floors can be a huge expense – with terrazzo flooring, this is not a concern. While other floors may be less expensive to install, these savings will be lost when it’s time to replace them. Terrazzo’s cost-effectiveness is enhanced by its durability; maintenance and replacement costs will be non-existent.

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