How Epoxy Flooring Enhances The Value Of Winnipeg Commercial Properties

by | Jul 13, 2023 | Epoxy

Here in Winnipeg, sleet, snow, and sand are common in the winter, and scorching heat and high levels of UV radiation hit us every summer. Your commercial property needs flooring that can resist heat, cold, debris, water, and more.

Epoxy flooring can boost the value of Winnipeg commercial properties. With epoxy, your business will benefit from a number of aesthetic and functional advantages, as well as high chemical, UV, and temperature resistance. 

Make your business more attractive to tenants, clients, and prospective buyers—choose an epoxy floor for your next flooring project!

Benefits of Epoxy Flooring for Commercial Properties

Industrial applications of epoxy flooring

Epoxy flooring offers a number of advantages over concrete floors and other flooring systems. These advantages include:

  • Customizability
  • Anti-slip, anti-corrosion, anti-UV, chemical resistance, and other useful properties 
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Low installation cost
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Long lifespans
  • And more

An epoxy floor can even lower your energy bills by reflecting light, increasing lighting without the need to install more lights. They’re an all-in-one commercial flooring solution. 

Increasing Property Value With Epoxy Flooring 

Epoxy flooring is used in retail stores, malls, hotels, office buildings, garages, kitchens, garages, shops, food prep and processing, and other commercial projects. When you apply epoxy over a concrete floor, you get both a protective layer and a truly beautiful floor. 

An epoxy floor provides all kinds of aesthetic and branding opportunities—you can add any number of colours and shapes to your flooring, allowing you to create logos on your floor or match brand colours. There are a number of functional advantages to using an epoxy floor coating, too—you can, for example, create colour-coded paths to help people navigate through large commercial spaces. 

Attracting Tenants and Buyers With High-Quality Flooring 

These aesthetic and functional opportunities, coupled with epoxy’s low maintenance cost and high durability, make an epoxy floor an attractive prospect for both tenants and buyers. Other floors don’t have the same aesthetic appeal, and they may not provide the long lifespan and excellent resistances that epoxy does. 

Non-slip flooring is particularly appealing to prospective tenants and buyers; an epoxy floor can dramatically reduce the risk of slip and trip accidents. 

Expert Installation and Maintenance for Lasting Value 

To get the most value out of your commercial epoxy flooring, you need to choose an expert specializing in commercial epoxy floors. Experts like TCF West can help you choose the right mix of epoxy and additives to provide the qualities you need, like UV resistance and anti-slip coatings. A properly installed epoxy floor will last longer and be less susceptible to bubbling, warping, and other problems. 

Choosing an Experienced Epoxy Flooring Specialist 


When hiring a commercial epoxy flooring specialist, it’s important to look at their credentials. We highly recommend looking at past installations and asking for testimonials. Talk to them about their previous work to ensure they’ve handled epoxy floor coatings of a similar size, quality, and scope to the epoxy floor you want to install. 

Hiring an expert to install your epoxy floor will ensure a longer lifespan, fewer repairs, and reduced wear and tear. Epoxy floor installers will often offer workmanship and material guarantees.

Real-Life Examples: Success Stories of Value Enhancement

At TCF West, we’ve installed epoxy flooring in a wide variety of settings, adding value by providing our clients with functional, durable, and aesthetic flooring. Take a look at our commercial epoxy flooring projects to get a feel for what we do! 

Conclusion: Elevating Winnipeg Commercial Properties With Epoxy Flooring 

With the right epoxy floor coatings, you can increase the value of your commercial property for tenants, prospective buyers, and other stakeholders. At TCF West, we pride ourselves on our easy-to-maintain epoxy floor coatings. Call us to install epoxy flooring for your commercial business today!


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