Epoxy Flooring Is The Best Option For Any Restaurant

by | Jun 24, 2022 | Epoxy

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There can be a lot of heavy foot traffic during a long shift at a restaurant, and spills are bound to occur. While this can be a safety hazard for some, there are reliable flooring solutions to ensure that you, your customers, and food service employees are working in a safe and efficient workspace. 

Many businesses rely on epoxy flooring for their commercial facilities, from industrial spaces to restaurants and commercial laundry rooms. Epoxy coatings can bond easily to the concrete floors in your restaurant space. Even with urethane concrete, epoxy will still adhere to it. Epoxy floors provide strength, improve safety, and add to the aesthetics of your restaurant without impacting your budget. 

Why Epoxy Floors?

In kitchens you need flooring that is regulation compliance – approved for use by the food industry (CFIA, USDA).  You need to select and epoxy or polyurethane concrete that is compliant.  With epoxy floors, we can install a seamless integrated cove base as well.  In a commercial kitchen space, you also want floors that can withstand the hard-hitting environments of a working restaurant and the cleaning and sanitizing. Epoxy flooring is durable, waterproof, dustproof, and aesthetically pleasing in a restaurant setting. 

The signature strength and bacterial resistance of epoxy come from its curing process. When epoxide resin and polyamine hardener are mixed, they create a strong chemical bond. This results in a compound that’s resistant to corrosion, bacteria, and other damage. 

Easy To Clean

Epoxy floors are waterproof and non-porous surfaces that are easy to clean after a long shift in the kitchen. Compared to tiled kitchen floors with grout lines, low-maintenance epoxy flooring solutions don’t require you to scrub as hard; with epoxy coats, it’s much easier to remove dirt, grime, or grease from the kitchen floors.


While epoxy-coated floors are easy to clean, they also feature anti-microbial properties, making them a desired flooring option for any restaurant kitchen. This flooring system includes sanitary protection that can aid to combat bacteria buildup, stains, mould, fungus, and odours. With the antimicrobial properties, the odour that would often come with bacterial degradation will be reduced. When we install epoxy floor coating, we ensure that no insects or food particles can find their way into any crevices and leave behind bad odours. 


Many commercial kitchen spaces are prone to grease and oil spills, which can lead to your kitchen staff and servers slipping and falling. We integrate non-slip additives into our epoxy coatings which gives it the slip-resistant properties that will make the kitchen a safer work environment. 


Epoxy coatings bond well to properly prepared concrete during the curing process, which keeps your commercial kitchen floors from peeling or delamination. When working in a restaurant, you always want the kitchen floors to hold up against a multitude of factors, like:

  • Grease and Grime: In commercial kitchens, the elements of grease and oil may splatter or spill, which might damage some flooring systems.
  • Food Spills: Spilled food and beverages are common in a kitchen space. Epoxy flooring makes cleaning easier, as they’re non-porous. 
  • Heavy Traffic: With the shuffling of feet, harsh impacts, and heavy equipment, commercial kitchen floors need to bear the weight of their environment. 
  • Scuffs and Chips: Poorly installed floors, tiles and vinyl can endure scuffs and chips from a variety of factors, such as dropping pots or dishes and moving equipment around. The various epoxy flooring systems available can help reduce this type of wear and tear of a commercial kitchen. 
  • Thermal Shock: During the intense temperature changes in a kitchen space, thermal shock can cause the floors to crack, bubble, and wear out. It’s important to select the right type of epoxy or polyurethane coatings coating for the specific use of your kitchen space.   

Over the years, other floor types can become damaged, corroded, or stained. With all the foot traffic happening in and out of your commercial kitchen, you will be thankful that you have the right flooring system. You won’t have to spend more on maintenance costs or repairs, as epoxy coats are more cost-effective in a restaurant than other flooring systems. 

Aesthetically Pleasing 

Not only does our epoxy coating service add safety and durability to the kitchen, it can also complement the décor of your restaurant. We offer our customers a wide variety of decorative styles and colours for your restaurant floor space. Choose anything from flake, quartz, or glitter epoxy coatings; they’ll improve the look of your commercial location. You won’t have to worry about the colour or design fading away over a duration of time.

How Does the Process Work?

Applying an epoxy coating to your commercial kitchen flooring won’t require a long installation process; it’s much faster than many other flooring systems. Our epoxy flooring contractors will turn your restaurant floors into a seamless floor with integrated coves.

We start by properly preparing the floor as per the manufacturer’s specifications.  We might also need to perform a moisture check to ensure that there won’t be any interference with the bonding process. Next, we apply the coves or base coat as required.  Depending on the system you chose, we may install one or more coats on top of that. Most systems allow for light foot traffic after 24 hours.  Allow 5-7 days for the epoxy floors to fully cure, and you’ll have an incredibly efficient, strong, slip-resistant floor!


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